About Liz Koch & The Psoas

Cropped Photo of Liz Koch (webpage about Liz Koch)Welcome to CoreAwareness,™ an educational website dedicated to understanding the Psoas through enhanced somatic awareness.

First Step is to understand your psoas ~
This tissue is not merely a muscle and does not respond well to muscular ways of toning, strengthening, or stretching. Psoas is a primal messenger emerging from the neuro-rich core of your being. It is part of your reptilian brain and primal movement for survival. A bio-intelligent tissue, psoas expresses integrity on every level and in many traditions is perceived as the guardian of your life force, center, Hara, or what is commonly referred to as the center of gravitational movement. Located deep within the center axis, and growing out from your spine, your psoas is a source of power, integrity, safety, and agency.

I encourage you to explore your psoas in order to know this mysterious tissue and its influence on every aspect of your life. As the tenderloin, or “filet mignon,” of the human body, a healthy psoas is a juicy, supple, dynamic tissue that supports full body expression and responsiveness.

My books and articles offer information and explorations that can help you connect, nourish and restore your dynamic core psoas.
Attending my classes and workshops provides an opportunity to work directly with me as I guide you through simple movement explorations that support and maintain a healthy, functional psoas.


  • There are 2-hr zoom classes that you can purchase and attend live or receive a recording. A good place to begin is with Self-Help for Your Psoas.
  • The BASIC 12-hr workshop offers an overview of all aspects of Psoas health and provides personal assessment and guidance.
  • Stalking Wild Psoas is an 18-hr process-oriented workshop providing individual and group time for healing and restoring dysfunctional and damaged psoas. It is also a great opportunity to explore the freedom of movement and expression found within as outdated conditioning and defense strategies dissolve.
  • My Advanced Core Awareness Mentorship works with the concepts and explorations found in my book Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga Pilates, Exercise and Dance, applying these concepts to your work.
  • The Professional Application Course nourishes your ability to become a Psoas Savvy Professional by fostering your Core Integrity. This course is offered as a live 6-7 day retreat or a 10-month zoom course.
  • All of my retreats and collaborations are an invitation to explore, play and heal psoas to discover dynamic ways of integrating personal experiences and be enriched by your new perceptions and adventures.

To simply rest deeply within your own vital core provides the time and attention to cultivate the capacity to gather the essential elements for flourishing as a creative, resourceful, expressive human being.

There is a lot to explore, so let us get started.

Best wishes,