What People are Saying….having attended a Psoas Workshop

Your teachings enrich my life and lighten my steps.

You imparted the psoas information in the workshop with a grounded authority
that let me know that you hadn’t learned your stuff from a book,
but rather from years of personal investigation.


I just wanted to write and thank you.
It was such a pleasure to be in the hands
of such a supremely knowledgeable, masterful teacher.
That in itself was worth the price of admission.


I came hoping to get techniques and principles to incorporate into my own work.
What I got was something better, further reaching, and more transformative.


The excitement you express in helping students awaken their own being is
true love for humanity. The courage you have had to take this journey,
express your personal truth,
and share the healing process with us is
Thank you for all the work you have done and for opening the door for me.


Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed  you and your workshop.
I golfed my best game ever this week I believe a relaxed Psoas had something to do with it!


I feel like you are the mother of all psoas ´and that is why I need to return,
not because I can´t take care of myself, but because the wisdom needs time to settle,
time to find its way in and then when it does I am ready for more,
more knowledge and deeper understanding,
wisdom that you so generously share when I come. Thank you.


You have empowered me to be my authentic self, something that I have been fighting for
many years, for whatever reasons. You really have just answered all my unanswered
questions about
how I have felt about myself, life, movement, and much more.
I have in the past been criticized

for being “too sensitive”, what you have given me back in terms of this, is that
I am kinesthetically sensitive and proud of it – Thank you.


It is clear there is depth here that I have only begun to sense.
I am so grateful that exploring in this direction is even something that is tangible and in existence.
I am filled with so much gratitude for you and your work.

Words cannot express the somatic full body YES that goes on for me
when I read or listen to your materials!


Everyone needs to know how valuable this workshop is to help
them be better practitioners.


I wish to thank you for what I received from your workshop.
I bring away plenty to keep me busy with my psoas muscles for weeks.  


I’ve just come back from walking – far further than I’ve walked in 6 months – and on my own!


Hours after I left the workshop, my pelvic bowl was all tingles and there was a
great feeling of comfort and ease
in my core which was both very pleasant and

very unfamiliar.  


I’ve been practicing yoga for 22 years and teaching for 17.
I came back from your workshop feeling compelled to rethink both
my personal practice and my classes.


There is something very special about you work
and the language you use
that is at the same time empowering, soothing and healing. 


Thank you so much for the wonderful and inspiring weekend.  I thoroughly
enjoyed the workshop!  I am sure you hear this all the time but I felt a special connection,
or if you will, a kinship with you.


 I feel more grounded in the authority of my own body,
able to draw nourishment and knowledge through the roots of my own experience,
and resting into a deeper trust in my innate life process.
I also feel inspired to teach more like you do,
that this experience is the main gift I want to offer my students. 


To say I have a new body almost seems to understate
my kinesthetic
 experience: I feel as though I have a new life!
I say this, not to flatter you, but because I know you understand how
complete the paradigm shift can be: from anxious, distracted and
despondently convinced that despite all one’s efforts there is something
fundamentally and pervasively wrong with life in this body – to joyously,
voluptuously experiencing the pleasures of physicality, the ease and
blessing of grace and the celebration of one’s own courage and fortitude.


I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful workshop.
You are a fabulous instructor.
I have been able to apply much to my own body as well as

help many clients.


Thank you for an awesomely good jam-packed two days!


It’ll take me some time to process and integrate the gems I gleaned,
but I am already reminding myself to look ahead when walking
when I catch myself looking down …Thank you


Thank you for the excellent psoas workshop.
The experience I had confirmed so many of my questions regarding healing and being.
I have felt for a long time that the body knows its own truth
and the healing lies within its own cellular structure.


You and your teaching keep returning to me.
I am beginning to understand more and more how deep
this work that you are teaching goes.


Thank you for the course this weekend.I must confess that at the end I was not sure
how much benefit I’d gained, although it was very interesting and enjoyable.
When I got home in the afternoon I slept soundly for a couple of hours, then went out to ride.
Well, WOW, the feedback from my horse was fantastic.
He settled and moved in ways I would not have thought possible for him.
I never dreamt the weekend with you would be so productive.


Thank you for opening me to an unexplored part of my body.
I felt like I simultaneously accessed something very deep emotionally
and barely touched the surface physically to something so integral to my being.


I enjoyed the workshop, the energy and exploring.
I had a lot of feelings throughout the weekend – like I wasn’t getting enough attention
or what I thought I wanted/needed, yet the work was more subtle
than my mind fathomed  – it is opening new doors.


Your weekend psoas workshop was very helpful for me, definitely gave
me a big piece of the puzzle I’m trying to solve with my pelvis & low
back.  Thank you again!

You are a delight!  kind, knowledgeable, and respectful.


A workshop attendees told me that what she learned in the workshop
saved her from the knee surgery that she thought she might need. 

You have had an incredible effect on me and I am able to pass it on to others.
I’ll be back as I am sure there is much more to be learned!


Your teaching is creative, inspirational, and expresses your authentic embodiment
of the knowledge. It is dynamic which made a great impact on how the information
was received and internalized for me.  


I want to let you know my students LOVE what I’ve learned from you.  And I do, too!


I have been studying and taking classes for 27 years and this class
pulled together so much of what I have learned together and filled in missing pieces.
The experiences I had tapped into and awakened another aspect of my inner intelligence.


Liz I can’t tell you what an impact you, the psoas muscle, the content of your workshop,
the opportunity to meet women who share the same interests, have made on me!
You have convinced me that this “misunderstood” and “overworked” muscle
holds the key not only to proper body alignment/posture
but is the storehouse of our emotional health.
Thank you for enlightening me.
My clients are beginning to reap the benefits…so am I.


I’ve just had my 50th birthday and for the first time in my life,
I am embarking on my own personal journey of self-discovery.
Unbeknownst to you, YOU, your workshop,
your love and dedication to the PSOAS muscle,
is a powerful beginning….to my journey.

Liz with your hands-on approach,
you really made an impact on your students, 

providing us the opportunity to release our own psoas
and to “feel” the difference (as I did). 

You have only wet my appetite…..

I have little to no discomfort which is new for me.  
I feel like the unwinding of my spine as well as my thoughts and feelings continue…


I wanted to contact you and let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop.
I’ve never experienced anything quite like I did last week. As a novice to
the natural, homeopathic and yoga type fields…it could have been
overwhelming and frustrating at times but the wealth of information in that
room was wonderful to absorb and I was honored to be a part of it.

I loved your workshop – lots of good information for continued research
and I really appreciate your encouragement to understand and explore the psoas work
on an experiential level (not so easy but essential).


I can’t tell you enough how much this work is opening my body, psyche, and spirit.
It became 
easy to move on from my “spiritual teacher” because I am experiencing
more and more within my own self, on my own.
I am grateful to you on a regular basis.


Your insightful teachings solved a problem that had imprisoned my meditation practice
for 30 years.  I have sought help from countless teachers for recurring leg twitches
that occur as my sittings deepen.  After coming across your 1999 article
Releasing Your Psoas, recently republished in the Yoga Journal On-line Newsletter,
I found a taller cushion, lowered my knees and worked with finding the skeletal balance
required to minimize muscular effort to sustain a good aligned posture.
My sittings have become deeper without twitching!
I cannot overstate how joyful I am to have passed such a serious hurdle
with your exquisite teaching!

I left the weekend utterly amazed.
One of the biggest revelations was the holding pattern in my upper Psoas/Solar plexus area,
when we were exploring partner work and leaning in towards each other…
my whole psoas complex would tense and hold.
This really led me to explore the underlying truth of my intimacy & trust issues
I have with other people and myself.


For the first time I am really able to be comfortable with who I am,
I mean…just to be comfortable in my skin.
I also am beginning a conversation with my core…
relying on my belly brain to inform who I am,
rather than a mental perception of who I think I am
and how I should be,
relying on what an internal brain converses has been very humbling.


I wanted to thank you again for a great workshop.
My awareness of my body has changed dramatically.
I feel like I’m walking and moving much more efficiently than I was.
I’m also much more aware of how my shoes affect my feet, and how I’m sitting,
and how the furniture I have at home and the office affects me.
Also, I feel like this work is opening me up psychically.
When I was in constructive rest this morning, I felt like I was channel surfing.


Thank you for the class. I truly believe that the awareness you have
given me about the psoas will sustain me for a better quality of life.


I have been reflecting on my experiences
during the workshop and how they continue to unfold.
As I move and go on with my daily activity I notice
how I feel and see myself differently.  
My pelvis feels stable and I am so aware of it in a new way.

Your understanding of the psoas is brilliant, it has totally changed how I feel and see it.
Thank you for your love, dedication and willingness to impart your knowledge.
I look forward to studying more with you.

Sending you a note to let you know I’m doing so much better,
and continue to follow
your recommendations which were right on target.


Thank you Liz for sharing your many gifts!  I feel expanded by your
knowledge. Your own enthusiasm and love for your work is inspirational and set an
engaging energy into motion.  The whole group was wonderful, open, attentive, and
ready to share.  But you really kept the ball rolling!