Q: My friend just attended your workshop and recommended I contact you. Do you have any recommendations I have painful bunion that needs surgery?

A: Foot problems can be connected to the psoas muscle, which may be the reason your friend made the connection. I explore the feet during workshops for several reasons. Every joint of the skeletal system is connected like pearls on as string, so when a joint is compromised it can disrupt every other joint. The psoas responds to the disruption in the skeletal system; attempting to maintain balance and coherency.

Another way feet and psoas are connected is through the sense of weight. As gravity moves through bones and joints towards the earth a dynamic energetic interplay takes place. The feet must be able to receive gravity or energy can, so to speak, backlog into the hip sockets. The feet are also essential for good rebound of gravity responsible for coordinating posture.

The psoas muscle is the only muscle, connecting spine to leg and plays an essential role in the transfer of weight and free swing of the leg and foot in walking.