Q: As a survivor of Incest in my teens, I wonder whether your course and books provide a way for me to connect with my body and my sexuality? My experiences have had a profound impact on my personal life and now in my late 30’s I am perhaps stronger to really tackle them head on.

A: Great question! Non-invasive and non-manipulative Psoas explorations offer a safe and simple way to reconnect with your true sense of self. Working with the core muscle and energetic midline are empowering ways to find coherency and safety within. Somatic explorations nourish and support our personal integrity. The psoas muscle in particular is intimately connected to our sexuality, integrity and sense of safety.

For a full body orgasm to occur the psoas muscle, as tenderloin, must be supple, dynamic and juicy, other wise full expression is curtailed. Returning to the midline and completing the primal expression of fetal and startle, curl and arc. Softening the jaw and deeply relaxing the belly while gently rocking on ones side, invites head and pelvis to reconnect through the spinal cords movement.

One can begin at any age. As long as you are alive there is life energy and life energy is sexual in nature.