A: I have many approaches for working WITH the Psoas rather than working ON the Psoas.  Once one understands the bio-intelligence of the Psoas as a messenger of the central nervous system, protocol for working with the Psoas changes.  
I recommend healing the dysfunctions that call upon the Psoas to compensate in the first place; hydrating the dry Psoas tissue with movement, sound, and breath; enhancing proprioceptive development through movement and awareness; completing developmental primal reflexes, which may still be exhibited; correcting ergonomic imbalances; and supporting normal healthy function through core integrity.

One very important concept I present is the difference between getting “release” and resolution. Release is not the same as resolution.  Trigger point approaches, for example, are release techniques; however, the Psoas is not the problem 99% of the time and even when it is, trigger point manipulation, in my way of thinking, is not a solution. Once again, getting a ‘release” through manipulation and palpation is not the same as resolving the message that the Psoas is communicating; rather, it may shut  the messenger up but only for a relatively short time!  The message must return as a biological imperative.  I have heard the Psoas called the muscle of the soul…your deepest proprioceptive connection to earth and living with integrity – I teach therapist how to learn the language and listen to its message!