Q: I’ve played basketball all my life and have really bad lordosis. I have tried all different types of stretching philosophies and have contacted several experts about stretching with no success. I bought your book not really with the hope of fixing the problem but to learn a little more about the Psoas muscle.

I was really surprised, it gave me a brand new way of looking at stretching and posture in general. While practicing constructive rest for 20 minutes two times a day I’ve experienced a type of energy flowing up my legs and my spine shaking to the floor, is this normal? What’s the connection between the psoas and the lordosis? I’d love to bet taller for playing basket ball!

A: Constructive Rest position is a simple means of allowing a gentle yet powerful realignment to occur. By working with gravity the psoas muscle and corresponding back muscles are free to release unnecessary tension, which may include muscular shaking or quivering through out the legs and trunk. The spine finds a natural balance.

Awareness is key to posture. The more sensory aware of your bones, the more movement expresses itself through the core of your being and the less compensation and muscular tension. Rather than trying to compress or straigthen the spine to eliminate lordosis, I encourage the expression of the spine and psoas as a means of returning to a neutral dynamic core. Yes as the psoas releases and regains its suppleness, your spine will regain its full lenthen and your arms will reach high in the air!