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Wild Psoas responds to not only external stress signals but also impulses stirring our hearts and resonating deep within our bones. As an eco-messenger psoas reveals polyrhythmic stories of compromise and depletion as well as sourcing and nourishment. Feeling grounded, landed, and located, is an essential kinetic ignition streaming throughout bones that when disrupted signals fear and safety from primal psoas. Wild Psoas understood as an eco-messenger is a profound collaborator with all life streaming and emerging through our axis. Our sense of self and our core integrity, both personal and global, is a dynamic reciprocal call and response with planet earth.

TO READ MORE: PDF Article published in Massage and Bodywork (2019)  Wild Psoas: Eco-Messenger For Thriving 


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Weight & Fluid Movement for Healthy Psoas


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Liz Koch

(The Psoas Book, Core Awareness, and Stalking Wild Psoas)


This one-hour recorded class introduces you to the concept of using weight to enhance fluid core expression. Using weight, mico-movement and gravitational shifts enhance full-body communication, invigorates a healthy nervous system, activates skeletal proprioception, improves orientation, and increases your sense of groundedness. Restore your juicy core psoas and feel dynamic resiliency! 

Acknowledgement & Release: Although the recorded class is completely free you are responsible for your choice in health care protocols.  Please discuss with your primary care provider all your health concerns. This video is not a substitute for seeking professional advise and should not be substituted.

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