BEING TOO MUCH a conversation with Anasuya Isaacs

Together Liz Koch and Anasuya (BEING TOO MUCH ATM) conjure what it means when women are told they are TOO MUCH… or not enough…and everything in between. Modernity, Patriarchy, Paternalism, Colonization, Capitalism, Racism, Religion all continue to define “Woman” – her value and her place in the world. But what if we unlock the “shoulds” and become truly who we are? What if we as women have the AUDACITY to embrace the immensity of our divine creative possibilities; to nourish the WILD and truly flourish?

Interview with Denise Bloemen aka Bone Shaman
Sensory Overload: Valuing Kinesthetic Intelligence for Integration & Coherency

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Liz Koch is an international educator and author who seeks to dissolve the objectification of “body” in order to re-conceptualize human beings as biologically intelligent, self-organizing, and self-healing. Employing biomorphic and embryonic paradigms, Liz redefines psoas as smart, expressive tissue that is both elemental and universal.

Core Awareness fosters core integrity and self-efficacy as creative and expressive human beings.

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