Core Awareness Exploration: Warding Off Expression

Freezing, Curling, and Arcing are three core gestures of the primitive midline and are primal expressions of Psoas (messenger of the midline).

Intentionally starting a small wave motion in either direction along the primal tube will often elicit an undulating response all along the midline/spine from tongue to tail. Moving toward the direction expressed in your system acknowledges a bio-intelligence that may already be in process. Arcing, or what I call Warding Off can be understood as a protective core gesture for standing ground. A gesture of enlarging, seen in the expanded hood of a cobra and the huge mane of a lion, warding off signals power to others.  When the spine arcs, legs, and arms extend, and the volume of one’s voice increases, you are warding off. However, not all warding off is aggressive or meant as an intimidating or dissuading gesture. Warding off can simply be showing up and occupying space. This gesture is also seen when startled, such as being surprised by seeing a good friend in an unexpected location. It can be an expansive such as when happily expressing excitement, as well as in the lush satisfaction of an unfolding full-body orgasm. The feeling-quality and energetic expression of warding off shifts depending upon the meaning and context. When warding off becomes the predominant expression, arcing backward over a soft supportive ball, roller or cushion helps moves one in the direction of the gesture, encouraging a wave motion to reappear that can engage a return to center.

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