Q & A: How Does The Golf Swing & Posture Affect the Psoas?

Q: How does the golf swing and posture affect the psoas?

A: Serious golfers know that full hip socket rotation is a must for a powerful, dynamic, and accurate swing! Faulty swings will twist and disrupt the ability to keep ones eye on the ball.
Releasing the psoas is key to developing and maintaining healthy hips. Gaining a fluid, juicy psoas is also the best way for skeletal joints and muscles to function synergistically. Active recovery work plays an important part in balancing the imbalances inherent in the sport. How many golfers end up with hip socket dysfunctions that lead to low back or knee injuries? The concepts of a healthy Psoas and a neutral core is essential for everyone and specifically to the golfer.

Q & A: How Does The Golf Swing & Posture Affect the Psoas?
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