Honoring Our Reptilian Brain by Bowing Down


…I woke this morning with the realization that what I do is dip intentionally into the limbic reptilian brain. The flow is not just an upward motion into reflection, which for many assumes that reflection is the best place to be…. but to honor the animal and reptilian brain by bowing down.
As I enter the earth and the animal kingdom I merge with intention into deep harmony with all life. I reap the benefits of something I do not think is just action and reaction. I find mammalian love – the ability of animals to deeply protect and care for their young. That is where a woman finds her power to give birth and where the possibility of transformation happens.
I am so excited to understand that I am intentionally flowing down into myself using my Neo-cortex if you will, to follow, respect, participate and even merge with the field of the mammalian, limbic, and even into the primal reptilian brain. Thus I am mining primal wealth, pumping the juice up to my consciousness that excites, invigorate, informs, and integrates my whole being.
Western culture is afraid of the limbic – and the primal reptilian – afraid to be out of control of the neo-cortex thinking realm… I believe love must be connected to the limbic and mammalian brain as that is where we do not think love, but deeply feel a rooted bonding with our young and the young of all species.
To turn towards oneself is to begin an exploration back to the roots of humanity and even deeper into every life form – the very primordial stirrings of life itself. The connection I experience is not only a human connection but also to Earth. Someone once said to me that until people can feel the pain of the trees they will not stop cutting them down. I say until we can sense what a joy it is to be a tree we can not honor and respect the whole of the Earth.
Core Integrity, Ancestors, and Our Collective Pain ~ A Gathering Together

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