Hydrating Movements for Spinal Midline and Psoas – Using a Ball

Liz Koch, author of The Psoas Book and Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance explains and demonstrates a simple exploration for softening and hydrating connective tissue: spine midline, and Psoas. Using an inflatable type of exercise ball, almost fully deflated, Liz shows how this simple tool can help you re-discover primal movement along the body midline.

As the messenger of the midline,  the Psoas expresses our survival/fear responses and our desire to thrive and innovate. Unfortunately, typical habits such as sitting in poorly designed chairs for extensive periods of time contributes to not only a loss of vitality and a lack of proprioceptive awareness along the spine but also dries the juicy Psoas (filet mignon).

Exploring by gently moving the spine utilizing rocking, undulating, and lateral C movements (a primitive expression of the original fish spine) is a pleasurable, nourishing way of hydrating and lengthening the Psoas. Exploring slow fluid- type movements helps to unravel tension patterns, softens and plumps the dynamic Psoas, and rejuvenates the spine for increased health and vitality.

Unraveling Psoas on Land – Using a Chair
Using Balls for Increased Buoyancy and Resiliency

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