The Power of Sound: An Interview with Cass Phelps

Discover the power of sound for healing your psoas in my first podcast episode. Cass Phelps is a Continuum teacher and creator of Bio-Tune. Cass and I taught an experimental play workshop Primal Instincts in 2006 that focused on Biognosis “knowledge from life”, gathering knowledge directly from the wilderness within our being. With over 50 years of scientific and clinical research and 12 personal years of study Cass Phelps created Sound Frequency Healing as a resource to help sustain and tune in more deeply to a state of pure awareness he refers to as Whole Minds Intelligence or Simply Oneness.

These audio programs are amazing, all you have to do is play them and they help re-tune your mind-body system back to your own personal bio (Life) intelligence within. This is done through what Quantum and Classic physicists call “The Law of Resonance.”

Be sure to check out video footage of the Power of Sound on the Bio-Tune website.

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: An Interview with Esther Gokhale

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Liz Koch is an international educator and author who seeks to dissolve the objectification of “body” in order to re-conceptualize human beings as biologically intelligent, self-organizing, and self-healing. Employing biomorphic and embryonic paradigms, Liz redefines psoas as smart, expressive tissue that is both elemental and universal.

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