Core Awareness
Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise and Dance


Core Awareness is an innovative body-oriented approach designed to increase strength, flexibility, and resilience. Internationally known somatic educator and author Liz Koch describes the fundamental principles and practice of moving from one’s core, and highlights the importance of engaging the psoas muscle-located on either side of the spine-to integrate the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Through simple movements, stretches, and mindfulness explorations that bring focus and attention to inner sensation, readers will deepen their relationship to core structures, including the psoas muscle, pelvis, and bones.

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ISBN# 978-1-58394-501-8


Part I – Core Awareness Concepts

  • Chapter One ~ Awaking Core Awareness
    Whole Movement, Movement Paradigm, Control versus Awareness, Repetition, Neutral Body, Positioning, Anchoring, Breath, Initiating, Core Movement, Symmetry, Timing, Preventing Injuries, Compensating, Resistance
  • Chapter Two ~ Engaging The Psoas
    Location, Function, Diaphragm, Counterbalance, Abdominal(s), Iliacus, Latissimus Dorsi, Hip Sockets, Fear, Energy, Constrictions, Walking, Cooperation, Constructive Rest Position
  • Chapter Three ~ Centering The Pelvis
    Pelvic Center, Pelvis-Jaw Connection, Cranial-Sacral System, Pelvic Joints, Traumatized Pelvis, Birth and Postpartum, Pelvic Stress, Hyper flexibility and Hypermobility, Pelvic Positioning, Pelvic Movement, Healing Pelvic Injury
  • Chapter Four ~ Connecting To Bone
    Support, Suckling, Unfolding, Rooting, Gravity, Crawling, Continuity, Overextension, Imbalance, Self-Correcting, Visual Dominance, Overriding
  • Chapter Five ~ Deepening Core Awareness
    Sensation, Earth Energy, Cultural Illusion, Elements of Life, Core Intelligence, Core Beginnings, Ocean Life, Early Conditioning, Unlearning, Core Wounds, Rhythm, Spirals of Life, Harmony

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