Maiden, Mother, Crone
Our Pleasure Playlist


Tantalizing, sassy, & captivating Maiden, Mother, Crone: Our Pleasure Playlistis a co-authored book by Nichole Froth, Amy Lynn, & Liz Koch. It  reveals three women’s top favorite hot activities for arousal and sexual pleasure. A fusion of intelligent humor and eroticism, this book is a feast for the eyes and a peek into the mind of a woman throughout each phase of her life: the budding sexual awareness and experimentation of the maiden, the blossoming sexuality of the mature woman and mother, and the succulent fruiting of sexual health and vitality of the crone. This book brings you on a kinky adventure discussing everything from rapturous oral sex, sensual body recipes, masturbation tricks, to the orgasmic psoas muscle, edible aphrodisiacs, and sex positions to die for.

ISBN# 978-1453837894

Liz Koch is the Crone of Maiden, Mother, Crone: Our Pleasure Playlist  and focuses on the psoas, O-ring muscles,  play, and fluid movement as key for nourishing core integrity and Eros. The psoas plays a major role in full body orgasms and here she explains how to keep your psoas juicy, dynamic, and orgasmic for life.


Chapters Include:

Sensual Indulgence: Homemade Body Recipes
Sultry Pleasure: Sucking Dick
Delighting in the Journey Toward Orgasm
Sex toys for the Brain
In & Out: Edible Goodies

Pleasuring Thyself
A Sure Thing: Sex toys
Sinfully Delicious: Fantasy
Sex & Pregnancy
Loving Your Asshole: Anal Sex

Coming Inside: Nourishing Core Integrity
Staying Wet & juicy
Getting Down & Dirty
Kiss My Ass
For-Play: je ne sais quoi

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