Becoming Aware of Core: A Psoas & Breath Exploration

Cass Phelps (BioTune creator) and Liz Koch connect the power of psoas, breath, sound, trauma resolution with play. Join Cass as he leads (in real time) listeners through a 20 minute breathing, sensing, psoas/diaphragm exploration. Experience the power of awareness for resolving anxiety and tension, while nourishing a healthy core.

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The Creative Process: A Conversation with Liz Koch & Majio

Welcome to Core Awareness™

Liz Koch is an international educator and author who seeks to dissolve the objectification of “body” in order to re-conceptualize human beings as biologically intelligent, self-organizing, and self-healing. Employing biomorphic and embryonic paradigms, Liz redefines psoas as smart, expressive tissue that is both elemental and universal.

Core Awareness fosters core integrity and self-efficacy as creative and expressive human beings.

Here at Core Awareness you’ll discover new ways of understanding the psoas. In addition to the blogs there is an educationally rich sourcing free for the taking. Explore my videos, articles, podcasts, interviews, FAQ’s and community links and let yourself go wild!