Q & A: Psoas Pain After Giving Birth – What's The Connection?

Q: I want your opinion on the psoas and pregnancy.  I had my fourth child, and found after his birth my psoas has tightened horribly, with accompanied back pain etc.  I had a good pregnancy, did yoga and danced and felt good, but now it feels like my body is falling apart.

A: Congratulations on the birth of  your child!  Possibly your SI Joints (sacral iliac joints) got stretched or torn during birth and so your psoas muscle must get involved in an attempt to balance and maintain pelvic stability.  Rebalancing the pelvis is key to a healthy psoas, healing the ligaments essential and possibly adding the tradition of “mother roasting“, which  involves consulting an accupucturist for MOXA treatments to “energetically close” the lower charkras. I have an article available on mother roasting written by granny midwife Raven Lang – it is a beautiful tradition that strengthens the pelvic core and feels delicious.

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