Core Strength: Box Squat To Balance Pelvis

STEP 3: Once your pelvis is balanced and you are centered, take a breath and sit down. Watch in the mirror and be sure to sit straight down initiating the movement from the pelvis not the knees. Think and feel the sits bones (tuberosities) hitting the box first – both at the same time. Know the box is there so the movement is smooth and direct. Hips first – knees second (see practice exercise below).

STEP 4: Rock your pelvis slightly forward and with weight on the whole foot push down into your whole foot and stand straight up with knees fully extended. DO NOT lead with your head or neck. Remember this is a core awareness exploration, so stay centered in your belly (pelvic) core.

STEP 5: Be sure there is weight in the heels and along the outside side of the foot. Pause at the top and take a breath and begin again. Practice with the idea of improving balance and centering your pelvis with each squat.

STEP 6: Once perfected lower the box,  use foam padding, and/or hold a medicine ball to challenge your proprioception.

EXTRA PREPARATION: Practice unhinging the hip and freeing pelvic to swing on leg, tail bone is released and free to move before box squatting.

Deric recommends the box squat for everyone and especially anyone lifting weights or building core strength. “It will help you gain the body awareness and messaging from your psoas to neutralize any scoliotic patterns and equalize the stress of repetitive tasks in the L-spine, sacrum and hip joints.” The result is a balanced pelvis, which functions as part of the core – and a supple juicy psoas.

The One Muscle That Does Not Need Strengthening
The Soulful Psoas

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