Exploring the Psoas ~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

If you’ve read my books or listened to my podcast you already know how passionate I am about not being aggressive, manipulative, or invasive with the Psoas. Below are just a few client & student responses regarding my non-manipulative approach to the Psoas and why it works so well! The Psoas is simply a messenger so please don’t shoot the messenger….

Working with you yesterday was one of the best private session I have ever had! During the session, I learned many things about my Psoas, and experienced and felt my body in different ways through all the releasing work. It was more like a healing session for me because it allowed me to get back to who I am. I spent the rest of the day being as lazy as possible, then in the evening I took a nice long bath with natural salts and aroma oil. I woke up this morning with such a wonderful feeling in my entire body!! First of all I notice (surprisingly) that my shoulder joints feel great! When I walk I feel both my feet grounded, and my legs swinging, and I no longer have to hold my body in a neutral position. I’ve started to think that maybe this might be what is called “core integration!!” I feel grounded, and I am able to feel the energy from the earth. Qi (energy) is smoothly flowing through my entire body. I was taught about and have studied “the psoas” since I started studying Pilates (the past ten years). Now, I finally understand why everybody talks so much about “the psoas,” and I realize it is not easy to understand unless you feel it in your own body!
Private Client – New York 2013

Today is the best I have felt in over 16 months, probably far longer – and in some ways, better than I have ever felt in my life. I pursue many movement curriculum forms and I find that the bio-intelligent Psoas curriculum suits me best, yet I find myself in a world of furniture and artifice demanding me to conform to it. I succumb to those demands less now, and find myself more functional in the face of them. Over the past month I’ve held the bio-intelligence, which I discovered working with you in New Mexico, in the core of my being, and even when it is hard to reconnect I know the way back and revisit the explorations that help me. My upper Psoas today is well released, and I feel space – my own empowerment has opened and I am filling it and just in time too.
Private Client/Retreat Participant – New York 2013

I just wanted to thank you for your work in Den Haag last weekend. 
I felt so loving, grounded, peaceful, and happy. The rest it gave me was unbelievable. 
I am VERY into the Psoas now, looking, and listening a lot….
Workshop Participant – Den Haag 2013

Thank you for your touching and refined somatic wisdom and sharing of your insights in so many ways. That you had us taste so much of our inner cellular wholeness and core organization is truly a miracle. A workshop filled with gems, confirming and deepening profoundly – a new 3D perception – had me tasting some remarkably delicious moments and thrills of this miraculous being-body of ours, which is designed for pleasure and joy. Thank you so much for the whole package!
Workshop Participant – Amsterdam 2013

Yesterday was an incredible milestone for me. After months being house-bound in agony, I independently made my way across London, on public transport, to attend a class exploring the Muscle of The Soul …It was an intense and incredible experience, which so surpassed all my expectations that I hardly know where to begin…
Class Participant – London 2013

I find your profound work still landing in me. My Psoas plumping up and letting go…. trusting myself more every day.
Workshop Participant 2013

I’ve started teaching again after 2 years off and find it deeper and juicier than ever, people are loving this approach to deep rest.
Workshop Participant 2013

Sweet Psoas Feedback…..winter is the time for restoration
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