A Great Time In England – What Particpants Are Saying

My June 2008 European tour was great fun! The Pilates Foundation of London welcomed me back for the 5th year to teach a class for their Pilate’s students and instructors. I especially enjoy how ready these eager participants are to learn about a healthy supple core. They have a strong training in somatics and each one has spent hours developing their own body awareness.

I spent a day seeing private clients, lectured to a small local group of therapists and enjoyed receiving a Bowen session with therapist Martin Grasby. My Warwickshire 3-day workshop brought together a truly amazing group of therapists, instructors and laypersons ready to delve deep within, and experience the dynamic psoas. I meet people from all over Europe and Japan and felt especially honored to work with a Japanese Obstetrics Physician who came so far to discover more about the mighty psoas. He understands the important and vital connection between a healthy functional psoas, pregnancy and natural birth.

Here’s what people are saying:

As an Osteopath who works in the Cranial field…I found a new dimension in this introduction to Liz’s bio-energetic, living, creative and harmonious insights to the dynamic relationship of form and function in movement. She integrates ‘the whole’ from a place of knowing within her own stillness that reaches out offering so much to those receptive to ‘listening’….allowing the possibility for each individual to find that place of stillness which exists within each of us.

I am still enjoying the after-effects of the course, my new upper psoas awareness is really helping me to access lost feelings of lightheartedness and joy.

Thank you for an extremely moving and powerful workshop…at the time, I had the feeling I wasn’t ‘taking it all in’, but these last few days, I have had various insights and been feeling very different inside my body – which all goes to show how fantastic the workshop was!

I love the way you mixed practical with chat and theory….I really enjoyed your demos too, especialy using sound, watching them was witness to someone who works deep within and from their own experience.

What I found most valuable was witnessing another teacher/practitioner, rooted in their practice through their own body intelligence. I don’t find often, but when I do, it nurtures me deep within my soul and affirms that I am going in the right way with my own practice and teaching.

Do You Dare? Undomesticate Your Psoas!
Keynote Speaker At International Bowen Conference

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