Psoas Role in Unraveling Scoliosis

Just returned from 4 days of intensive work with the amazing Bob Cooley Founder of The Genius of Flexibility Studio located on Copley Square in Boston.  A gorgeous view of the city, with amazing elite trainers I was well cared for and supported in my ability to achieve more balance and focus. Bob is who first introduced me to the Psoas!  With a personal history of scoliosis I have professionally focused on reclaiming a functioning dynamic Psoas as the starting point for unraveling scoliosis.  It is a great starting point. But equally important is the need for hydrating connective tissue. My work with the fluid system developed by Emilie Conrad Founder of The Continuum Movement Studio located in gorgeous Santa Monica is ground breaking in accessing the intelligence of fluid while hydrating the Psoas for regaining its supple juicy expression. My work focuses now on plumping up this tissue, so that the fear factor quickly resolves and I am able to move through density to experience change in dynamic ways. The past four days was a tribute and affirmation to my own work.  Bob however took me on a new adventure by “going after” my arms to open my rib cage and actually accessing my upper scoliotic spine. Quite literally, through his dynamic approach of resistant stretching of muscle and expansive understanding of igniting change in dense fascia, I unraveled. What a ride! The best words to describe my experience? Deliciously freeing!


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