Psoas 101: 3 Easy Steps for Relieving Psoas Pain

Stop – misusing, overusing and abusing your core muscle.
Look –  are you sitting on top of both sits bones, with your hip socket slightly higher than your knee?
Listen – to your Psoas as the messenger of core integrity.  How do you nourish yourself?

Misuse – we misuse our Psoas when our pelvis is not balanced. Sit with equal weight on both sits bones, stand on both feet, begin every exercise and stretch from a balanced pelvis.
Overuse – when we engage the Psoas for muscular support (ex: using it as a hip flexor) we overuse and overdo.
Abuse – happens when we are not listening to the core signals of misuse and overuse.

Regain Your Supple, Dynamic and Juicy Psoas:

Slow down – be in constructive rest position once a day for 20 minutes
Small micro-movements – roll in fetal curl and move your spine from tail to head in tiny curls and arcs
Stimulate new neuro-pathways – vary your movement & exercise EVERYDAY ~ PLAY!

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