Q & A: How to safely explore lordosis?

Q: After  listening to your podcasts I feel okay allowing myself to be in anterior pelvic tilt (lordois) rather than try to control it in some other way toward a more posterior tilt of the pelvis.  Yet when I’m “allowing” myself to go there,  I feel it keeps going  –  should I keep going?

A: We humans are living processes not static objects.  Your system has an expression that it is attempting to complete. So yes keep going there while safely in constructive rest position – on a padded floor, use a softly 3/4s deflated slo-mo type inflatable ball placed under the back of the upper Psoas (behind the solar plexus) to help you feel supported and open your throat – it is what I call “startle” expression.

I recommend exploring “startle” position and here is why:  if I understand that my organism is expressing itself and is not a static object than I pay attention to the expression and value it as meaningful. For example the expression we call lordosis expresses a warding off or startle response, which lifts and thrusts the body.  Have you ever watched a 2 year old have a tantrum?  What do they do?  They arch their spine and scream.  That is an expression of frustration, dismay, anger, or warding off – whatever it may be called, it is a core expression.  We are living organisms that EXPRESS – however we learn to control our expression and we do it in many ways through various forms of inhibition.  I am not interested in acting out but I do see that expression lives on in the organism and when I allow myself to move in the direction it is already going or manifesting, with conscious awareness, I can recover neutrality or what may be understood as a more balanced position in space and time.

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