Q & A: Toning before Lengthening?

Q: I successfully released my psoas via constructive rest. I enjoyed it and feel I’ve benefited by releasing the arms. I thought the next step would be to lengthen the psoas, but those exercises do not seem to be working (certainly bad execution could be at fault).

Although, I just noticed in your book, you put the toning section BEFORE the lengthening section. Perhaps I’ll try those exercises. I have avoided those thinking that I should lengthen the psoas first.

A: Congratulations! Taking the time to become aware of your psoas is a delicious and vitally important step. Now that your psoas releases in constructive rest, explore release in kneeling and standing positions (see Core Awareness book for suggestions).

You may still have an SI joint dysfunction or pelvic misalignment that keeps the psoas engaged when you try to stretch or tone. If so, begin balancing the pelvis and become aware of how you sit, the shoes you wear, and simple every day activities such as opening a door.

You’ll know if you have something a miss in the pelvis if when you roll out of constructive rest and stand up it all the “release” of the psoas goes away. Working with enhancing proprioception and realigning joints are the first steps to freeing the psoas muscle for dynamic core movement.

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