Stalking Wild: The Animals Are Calling Us to Council

The Wilderness is inside you

streaming through your blood, vibrating your tissue, resonating in your bones…

photo is by Tim Fitzharris of Earthfire the wolf and her brother Red.

Join me for a conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich, Founder and Executive Director of Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary and Retreat Center live May 9th. A licensed psychologist, biologist and educator, Dr. Eirich’s goal is to widen the circle of conversation about conservation to include the voices of all living beings.

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In this difficult time for all beings on our Earth we are called to speak and act from our deepest selves, our deepest wisdom, our deepest resources. We are called to lead, each in our own way, and to participate with others, all leading together. These times are actually a call to become fully alive, awake, and to participate in Life.” 

Stalking Wild: The Animals Are Calling Us to Council is an opportunity for Susan and I  to discuss a dynamic multispecies initiative toward finding new ways of living on the Earth.  This subject is vital to me and the work I do with core intelligence. It is what Dr. Eirich refers to as innate creative intelligence. Human beings are part of a larger field recognized in physics and geometry as unification principles, Resonant fields, and the Living Connected Universe. By listening to other species we tap into a broader, deeper more nourishing experience of  life, self, and other.  

As my awareness expanded I realized I had to do right by all Life. Falling in love deeply opens channels through which all kinds of information can flow and I saw each living being; plant, tree, animal, as a source of wonder if only I was able to connect with each on its own terms.” 

Stalking Wild Psoas embraces the recognition that within each one of us there is a core intelligence that is not limited, isolated, or local but expansive, inclusive, and global. It demands that humans make the paradigm shift from objectifying ourselves, nature, and all Life, to perceiving our unique expression and inter-inter-cponnectedness as  a dynamic living body.

Every now and then a new scientific discovery is made that is so exciting, so paradigm-shifting, that we need to share it as widely as possible; to think about it; discuss it, absorb it into a new world view of the nature of Life. The good news–it is a worldview that, if we adopt it, will help with our environmental crises. It is so amazing it can’t help but foster respect and wonder for all life… Things used to be simple. There were two kingdoms, plant and animal, and one kind of real intelligence – human. Then we discovered that Life is creative and complex…enter the brilliant slime mold.

NOTE: All italics are quotes by Dr Eirich taken directly from

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