Professional Application

Each year I offer a special opportunity for professionals to gather and deepen their personal exploration and knowledge of the Psoas.My Applications Courses & Advanced Courses are designed to meet the personal needs of individuals, provide an opportunity for me to cultivate a deep relationship with interested therapists and teachers, and provide a referral base for people looking for psoas savvy teachers and therapists. I am interested in certified professionals who will indeed offer a supportive environment that truly reflects an understanding and working knowledge of the complex psoas.


  • To offer participants wanting more information, direct experience, and understanding, the opportunity to continue studying the psoas.
  • To build an active on-going referral community of psoas savvy practitioners and teachers throughout the world.

Each week I receive emails requesting recommendations for a practitioner or teacher who will work with the psoas in a non-manipulative non-invasive approach. The people contacting me may not live in an area where a workshop will be held any time soon, want immediate information or support, are injured and can’t attend a workshop or feel that one-on-one or a continuing classroom support would best suit their specific need or issue. As I teach self-help techniques only in workshop educational settings, I wish to provide a community of qualified practitioners and teachers for whom people can contact. The intention of the referral list is to provide individuals with a one-to-one contact and those attending my workshops with a continuing source of support.


At every workshop, I meet wonderful individuals. Many are knowledgeable and very competently trained professionals in a wide range of fields; massage, bodywork, physical therapy, yoga, somatic education, somatic-psychology, chiropractics, martial arts, Pilates & a variety of movement arts. This wonderful wealth of experience is the source for my Applications Course and advanced coursework.

Participants attending the Applications Course will experience personal and professional growth and a depth of experience essential for understanding their own core while simultaneously developing a protocol for working with others within their specific specialty. The program does not provide credentialed licensing  (it does offer 30- hours for NCBTMB members). Nor does it give permission to teach psoas workshops. That is my job! It does not assume any responsibility for the choice of therapeutic protocol or the behavior, skill level, or use or misuse of information expressed or demonstrated to and by the practitioner.

Participating in the Applications Course and advanced coursework offers the opportunity for learning from other professionals, being part of a referral community that may augment an already credentialed or licensed private practice, as well as the possibilities of offering local weekly classes on the psoas.

Please NOTE: I reserve my full right to not list any one, for any reason, on my web site.

Professionals completing the Applications Course may be listed on my web site. The Community will be updated yearly. To maintain your name on my links list entails (but may not be limited to) maintaining our relationship through attending an Applications Course no less than once every 3 years.

Requirements For Attending An Applications Course

A minimum of one 12-hour weekend psoas muscle workshop. Anyone with this prerequisite can attend the retreats but only professional instructors and practitioners may be on my referral list. This program is for bodywork/massage certified therapists and certified trained teachers in a variety of fields including Yoga, Pilates, Movement Arts, Somatic Awareness, Dance, Martial Arts etc. interested in being a part of my referral list and study overview program.

  • Learning Non-Invasive techniques for releasing deep chronic tensions within the pelvic core
  • Hydrating (through movement) the constricted iliopsoas
  • Developing (with time and practice) the ability to sense and support iliopsoas release for clients
  • Group discussions of problem cases and instructor feedback
  • Recognizing the Psycho-emotional Iliopsoas
  • Defining Trauma within the dysfunctional iliopsoas
  • Exploring the Iliopsoas as part of autonomic nervous system
  • Experiencing the dialogue between the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) and the Iliopsoas
  • Shifting Paradigms from biomechanical to bio-intelligence by challenging our thoughts and cultural limitations.

Deepening Your Understanding

After attending the application course professionals can further their studies by attending a private session with Liz Koch, sending a video of your teaching for verbal and written evaluations, and/or schedule phone consultations to help answer questions, discuss client cases, and explore personal discoveries. Contact me for additional information and my hourly fee structure.

Welcome to Core Awareness™

Liz Koch is an international educator and author who seeks to dissolve the objectification of “body” in order to re-conceptualize human beings as biologically intelligent, self-organizing, and self-healing. Employing biomorphic and embryonic paradigms, Liz redefines psoas as smart, expressive tissue that is both elemental and universal.

Core Awareness fosters core integrity and self-efficacy as creative and expressive human beings.

Here at Core Awareness you’ll discover new ways of understanding the psoas. In addition to the blogs there is an educationally rich sourcing free for the taking. Explore my videos, articles, podcasts, interviews, FAQ’s and community links and let yourself go wild!