Deric Stockton Part 1


In Part One Deric Stockton introduces powerlifters as well as everyone interested in healthy fitness and exercise, to the life changing concept of Rehab & Prehab. Leaving the old pain is gain paradigm, Deric teaches bio-intelligent strategies for preparing tissue to be functional and providing the nervous system with the support needed to recover. Offering the means for getting out of pain for good and staying out of pain Deric is a living example of healthy functional power and strength.



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Deric Stockton is an elite lifter, certified personal trainer, & the owner of Core Strength RX Gym in Scotts Valley CA. An athlete, marine, & bodybuilder, Deric turned to powerlifting to become a strength coach and judge. He is the author of a 3-part series Rehab & Prehab: An Active Recovery Program in Powerlifting USA Magazine (May–July 2010). Deric won the US squat lifting 804 pounds equal to 4 times his own body weight.  

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