Deric Stockton Part 2


In Part Two Deric Stockton continues to discuss the power of preparation for healthy functional movement. Deric encourages Strength Athletes to go to mets healthy and functional not injured and beat up. He tell his story of setting a UPA open national squat record of 804.5 at 198 lbs /age 41. Deric stresses the importance of staying organically anabolic (without the use of drugs), which is the desired state for the growth and maintenance of healthy fluid tissue. The process Deric explains, encourages everyone  to achieve their personal fitness goals.


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Deric Stockton is an elite lifter, certified personal trainer, & the owner of Core Strength RX Gym in Scotts Valley CA. An athlete, marine, & bodybuilder, Deric turned to powerlifting to become a strength coach and judge. He is the author of a 3-part series Rehab & Prehab: An Active Recovery Program in Powerlifting USA Magazine (May–July 2010). Deric won the US squat lifting 804 pounds equal to 4 times his own body weight.  

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